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Basic HTML Tags

Basic HTML Tags | Tags in HTML | Tech-Mirror
Basic HTML Tags | Tags in HTML | Tech-Mirror

The basic html tags includes <html>, <head>, <title>, <meta>, and <body>. We introduce each of the five in the following:


Html tag is used to indicate that this is a HTML document or HTML File. Most HTML documents should start and end with this tag and extension of HTML document is .html or .htm

The <html> tag tells the all browser that this is an HTML document and <html> tag represents the root of an HTML document.


Head tag is used to indicate the header section of the HTML document or file, which typically includes the <title> and <meta> tags, and it is not displayed in the main window of the browser. We can also add css in header section.


Title indicates the title of this HTML page. The title is what is to be displayed on the upper left corner of your browser when you view a web page. For example, right now you can see “Basic HTML Tags” there. That is the title of web page.

The title tag is important when it comes to search engine ranking orĀ SEO purpose. Many of the search engines pay special attention to the text remaining in the <title> tag. This is because logically that words in the <title> tag indicates what the page content is for.


The <meta> tag information is not directly displayed when the web page is rendered on the browser. Rather, this is used for the author of the HTML page to record information related to this page.

Two common attributes are name and content of <meta> tag. The <meta> tag is used to hold great importance in search engine optimization(SEO), with authors carefully drafting what is inside the tag to gain better search engine ranking or page ranking, but recently its importance has been decreasing steadily.


The <body> tag includes the actual body of the document or any web page. Everything inside the <body> tag (other than those within the <script>,<link> tag) is displayed on the browser inside the main browser window.

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